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Indigo Children are "Earth Angels" who were born to open new doorways of perception about life. They are original thinkers with high energy and creative expression. They are the leaders of society who will help all of us view the world with loving acceptance. Even though Indigos have incarnated since the era of World War ll, the greater numbers of births of Indigos began in the 1970's.

Characteristics and personality traits are being documented world-wide. All of this documentation gives us an appreciation of the new energy of our younger generation.

Indigo Children have a strong sense of self and know the strength of their spirit. Therefore, many times in their development, Indigo Children will be strong-willed and will not follow the crowd or rules set down by others. They are joyful in blazing new pathways with new ideas and creativity.

Patience is not a stong suit for Indigos. We can notice this when asked to wait for long periods of time in a line. There will be much resistance and frustration and perhaps unruly behavior.

Boredom sets in quickly because Indigo Children need to be challenged. Their intuition may be highly developed and they KNOW their capabilities with any activity. Therefore their intelligence is often very high and they will let YOU know how smart they are.

Usually, there will be a sense of spirituality which enhances their intuitive nature. All in all, Indigo Children have the ability to raise the vibration of the world. They are gifts with the opportunity for great potential if the adult society would listen to the voices of these children.

According to Lee Carrol and Jan Tober, reasearchers and authors who have collaborated in writing The Indgo Children, there are 4 types of Indigos.

Type # 1
The Humanist

These children serve masses of people with high energy and are social butterflys. They instruct and assemble people in the name of friendship

Type # 2
LIkes projects more than the humanistic development. They have a good sense of the body and could be very athletic. These chilren are IN CHARGE with many control issues. It's my Way and that's the Truth!!

Type # 3
This is the Artist who is very sensitive and often has a smaller stature. They are creative especially in music and art. Whatever they do they must exhibit a creative flare. Sometimes they have many projects going at the same time but rarely spend a significant amount of time on any one project.

Type # 4

This type knows it all and at a very early age does not want to be told anything. They know what they know and will blaze the trail for originality in philosophy, religion or,science. If it's NEW, it's got to be good.

As adults, we need to find a way to understand them. We need to find a way to listen and communicate with them. And, then all that is left is UNconditional Love.

A new world of light awaits all of us through our children.

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